KM Painter-Kirsty Marijewycz

Kirsty is a colour consultant. She studied art at Bournemouth University. Those years of studying have informed the colour choices she picks for her clients homes. She leant the decorating trade as an apprentice, she now applies her knowledge of art and colour selection to help re-decorate her clients houses.  

Color can have such an effect on our mood, colour therapy was used to treat world war 2 soldiers after they returned home. Kirsty uses her knowledge of colour to help reinvigorate and energise the homes she is commissioned to decorate. 

I follow Kirsty on instagram, we spoke over DM’s and after a few phone calls organised a date to take a portrait of her. I’m always looking for interesting people to take portraits of. Kirsty really got my attention for her love of colour. Every 2 months or so I’m planning these private portrait commissions aiming to photograph people who inspire me.

Derek Read-Swift Launderette

Derek owns a Laundrette near my parents house. I’ve always walked past his shop and been interested by the old machines and veneered wooden walls. Launderettes are quite fascinating places, they are preserved anomalies - a time capsule in some respects. 

Last month I ended up talking to Derek outside the shop, just an off chance conversation. He is really interested in photography and used to be a member of a photography club. He very much reminded me of my grandad on my dad’s side. 

I offered to take his portrait. I came back a few days later with a couple of lights. This is one of the reasons I was drawn to photography. Photography is such an incredible tool to connect with people. Just talking to Derek about photography and his life in general was quite interesting, after all portrait photography is a study of people. 

I took some profoto lights and some soft boxes, just to create a window light effect. I have a Mamiya 645 Super medium format camera, I often shoot a few rolls of film. I shoot on a digital 35mm, having a film image reference is quite handy when I’m retouching the final images.

I’m planning to produce some prints for Derek and he’s keen to put them up in his shop.

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