GF Smith Commission-Possibilities of Paper

A Recent commission for GF-Smith

I supplied GF Smith with some images of flowers from my archive. Inspired by how the ink mixes, the photographic images within the Fine Collection have been distorted to evoke the process of ink passing through a printing drum. The result is some quite trippy prints that are made available as part of a promo pack.

GF smith interviewed me and the 4 other contributors about our practices. The interviews can be found via the link below. 

KM Painter-Kirsty Marijewycz

Kirsty is a colour consultant. She studied art at Bournemouth University. Those years of studying have informed the colour choices she picks for her clients homes. She leant the decorating trade as an apprentice, she now applies her knowledge of art and colour selection to help re-decorate her clients houses.  

Color can have such an effect on our mood, colour therapy was used to treat world war 2 soldiers after they returned home. Kirsty uses her knowledge of colour to help reinvigorate and energise the homes she is commissioned to decorate. 

I follow Kirsty on instagram, we spoke over DM’s and after a few phone calls organised a date to take a portrait of her. I’m always looking for interesting people to take portraits of. Kirsty really got my attention for her love of colour. Every 2 months or so I’m planning these private portrait commissions aiming to photograph people who inspire me.

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