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Ronnie RA 250th Exhibition Piece

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2nd Edition Print Run

The is an Image of Ronnie, a friend of mine. The original artwork was displayed in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Show. The original 1st Edition artwork was purchased by a patron of the Serpentine Gallery.

My works aim to document subcultures and raise questions concerning identity. I find myself documenting subcultures and groups of individuals who have come together to be part of a community. I’ve been drawn to make this kind of work because I’m interested in the way being part of a group shapes who we are as individuals. I have always been fascinated by taking portraits of people in an individual capacity. Pictorial representation has always had an underlying notion of projecting a sense of grandeur. Early paintings of kings and queens have been used to suggest a sense of power and importance. Images of Queen Victoria have been used to suggest wealth and power. When some people have their pictures taken they have an underlying sense of portraying themselves in a certain way to the viewer. That ideology that the sitter may have is part of a deeper social construct that comes from possible subconscious experience. Identity and pictorial representation is a very unbalanced construct in today's modern society. Currently there are so many platforms for someone to project a sense of identity. Social media and smartphones have created a space for people to constantly project themselves in society. 95 million images are uploaded to instagram everyday. The main question for me would be, has this created a space where our identities are more fragile or more defined. 

The artwork is printed by a lab in London using a digital printing technique. The final image is printed using a light sensitive paper, as close as digital printing can be too actually printing in a darkroom. All artworks are printed using Fuji Crystal Archive Matte. The print will be posted in a protected cardboard tube.

The piece is part of an edition of 50 and will be supplied with a digital certificate of authenticity.

Size of works 12x16

100% of profits are donated to Crisis, a charity that works directly with the homeless. 

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