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Night Trees C-Type print

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I was inspired to create this work out of a need to escape my house during the lockdown. I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the natural world. Most evenings I would venture out to watch the sunset, every day the dramatic difference was incredible, almost as if you are watching a live painting.
The trees almost look like sculptures, all silhouetted in black. I used long exposures so they would blur and move. The trees are almost created shapes in the frame. Every image is so different on another day, there is such beauty in this uncertainty and randomness. This image was shot on film so you have the film bleed. This adds to the sense of making the image feel like a painting. The trees are almost mark making as they move in the wind. This exposure for instance was nearly 1 minute.
I hope the viewer appreciates the beauty of these simple movements in the trees. The sky and the graduated vista is incredible. Such an amazing scene from such a simple concept of trees blowing in the wind. The beauty in its simplicity.

The artwork is printed by a lab in London. The final image is printed using a light sensitive paper, as close as digital printing can be too actually printing in a darkroom. All artworks are printed using Fuji Crystal Archive Matte. The print will be posted in a protected cardboard tube.

The piece is part of an edition of 50 and will be supplied with a digital certificate of authenticity.

Size of works 12x16

100% of profits are donated to Crisis, a charity that works directly with the homeless. 

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