Anthon Raimund


Anthon Raimund,  Currently on display at part of the 251st RA Summer Show

The Artwork titled Anthon Raimund is collaboration between photographer William Arkle Marsden and the subject Anthon Raimund. William discovered Anthon on instagram. They organised a shoot together where by William photographed Anthon, then separately Anthon digitally manipulated the image.

Anthon Raimund is a designer and digital image maker. Inspired by an aesthetic unique to instagram, he has developed an online persona which blends into his real life but is still visibly manufactured. The inbuilt photo editing features in every popular social media apps and the rising popularity of apps like ‘facetune’ have made editing our bodies a norm. People have always used clothing and other adornments to change how they they are viewed but these new digital platforms have opened so many doors not only making us visible to an audience of millions but also allowing us to project a fully curated portrait of ourselves. Anthon began editing his own face a couple of years ago and noticed the strong reaction and confusion this caused when posted on social media. In a world of online fakery, shameless displays of wealth and overt sexuality he aims to highlight the superficialities of his own generation by treading the fine line between imitation and parody. Anthon admires and feels inspired by the cultural phenomenon of social media personalities while also recognising the absurd and surreal culture that is growing around it. Before moving into Fashion Anthon spent a lot of time painting portraits, his current work is a development of this. Using brush tools on photoshop rather than oil paints he creates a character that is artificial yet arguably as real as its peers.

The work exhibited in RA aims to show a different side to pictorial representation. In today’s modern society of instagram and other social media platforms, the work highlights how an individual can have a digital persona. The work shows how traditional associations of truth and the photograph are being challenged in today’s modern culture.